MADD Announces National Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving
Plan includes, "Efforts to require alcohol ignition interlock devices for all convicted drunk drivers. A key part of this effort will be working with judges, prosecutors and state driver's license officials to stop the revolving door of repeat offenders." (Read More:
USA Today: States Turn On to Idea of Ignition Locks
"More convicted drunken drivers may have to blow into devices that won't let them start their cars if they're intoxicated now that several states are embracing tougher penalties..."
Study Finds Support for Ignition Interlock Devicess (IID) Among Users
A California Department of Motor Vehicles study finds that among actual users, 88% of survey respondents stated the IID prevented them from driving after drinking and 75% stated that the IID would prevent other people from driving after drinking. According to researchers, "Clearly these finding show that the significant majority of offenders believe that IIDs are effective in preventing drinking and driving."
Study Finds Ignition Interlock Device Reduces DUI Recidivism
Sceintific study in Maryland determines Ignition Interlock Device reduces DUI offender's risk of DUI recidivism by 65% within the first year of Ignition Interlock Device installation (Beck, et al., 1999, American Journal of Public Health, p. 1696-1700)